A&A Link is a specialized consultancy
agency that helps new brands to develop
their business in the European markets.

What we do

We provide best business consulting services in Market Research Development, creating and generating your network of business partners that you can count on your development.

We do complex Market Research based on your instructions

On your behalf, we initialize contact with your prospects

We put you in contact only with valid and verified leads

We offer:

Better informed business decisions

Make better informed business decisions with the support and research from our experts. Our customer services team and onboarding Team Managers are here to get you started successfully.

Support for your businesses when you need it!

We give your business the help needed to support and develop the structure that deserve.

We help clients through analysis, statistics, and strategy.

The agency provides it’s services within the international and the European markets, with a clear focus on: efficiency + results = customer satisfaction.

International Market R&D projects

The main task and activity of the agency is to support the international Market Research and Development Projects for private enterprises.

Starting a new market comes with a vast amount of steps. These are steps, which have not just to be taken, but also known in advance.

How we do it

Our Market Research services are focused on and applied methodological and applied research, to acquire knowledge, and it’s done with a specific goal or product in mind.

Human approach

Our genuine human approach and strong productivity allow you to focus on what matters the most – your business.

Creating a new market

At our core, market research and development is about offering to our customers something they have never had before : create an entirely new market for their companies.

Attracting new customers

When you think about how to grow your business, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is getting new customers, right?

Our ability – to attract new customers and win customer interest for your business.

Growing the business

Our market research and development services are a valuable tool for growing and improving your business, and involves researching your markets and your customers needs, to develop new approaches.

Good strategy

Businesses that have a market research strategy have a greater chance of success than businesses that don’t.

A market research and development strategy can lead to increased productivity and can boost your business’s competitive advantage.

For hire

We deliver what we promise to the highest quality level!

Why we do it

Our services can create measurable business value in a global industrial landscape that is changing fast, where companies must continually revise their policies and approach.

This is necessary as well due to the fierce competition and the evolving preferences of consumers.

Great market penetration

We ve made during the years exclusive arrangements for you with our partners.

Business boosting – right away

Enjoy your network grow – based o our services your business network can double or even triple.

The services

To achieve the desired outcome, we plan, structure, and execute consulting services.

Our consulting services aid customers to have a go at a greater return on investment.

The new market

New markets approach and development is often a crucial factor in the survival of a company.